Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pro-ana girls are not anorexic?

At http://islamicweb.com/archive/t-21195, I found an article by a therapist who does not think the people who host pro-ana sites are anorexic. She says that anorexia is involuntary and that anorexics are suffering, so why would they create these sites? She says"A pro-anorexia site goes against what anorexia is really about." She seems to forget that Anorexia has a lot of denial involved in it. Even if they are aware of the abnormalities in what they are doing (like most pro-ana girls), they still feel like they are living the way that they should. They think they are right!

Perhaps the original people who started pro-ana sites were not anorexic. They were just fascinated with anorexia and wanted a way to lose weight. I say this, because I can't imagine someone who actually has anorexia coming up with the idea, becuase it would require admitting to the public all the crazy things they do. I think the sites have made true anorexics feel accepted, though. It probably makes it harder for them to quit, as these sites confirm that what they are doing is good.


Blogger bulatokudzhava said...

i think a lot of (mostly) girls want to be anorexic (who the hell knows why), but can't because they don't have the disease, so they pretend to be anorexic by doing everything associated with the disease.

July 2, 2008 at 1:30 PM  
Blogger BonyPink said...

The majority of pro-anas really are not anorexic, though.

Denial is found in some cases of anorexia nervosa, however anorectics do know what kind of hell this life is, and as someone who has met thousands of people who suffer from this illness, as well as thousands of pro-anorexics people (who don't suffer from any ED) I can easily see the difference.

The ones who have true anorexia nervosa know what kind of hell this is, and wouldn't wish it on anyone. They are against people glamorizing and promoting this illness as a choice or lifestyle or something you use as a diet.

The pro-anas, on the other hand are too vain to care. They are self absorbed, usually girls who have had very good lives. (There are a few exceptions, though.)

The majority of the anorexics have had horrible lives of rape and abuse, these traumas being the cause of their eating disorders.

I can go on and on with the differences and proof that these two groups are very different.

While there may be a very small amount of real eating disordered people using pro-ana sites, because these people feel there is nowhere else to go for them to get support, the majority of the pro-ana population are not anorexic.

I have been studying these websites and their users ever since the first pro-ana websites popped up. After speaking with, literally, thousands of people over some years I have come to this conclusion.

December 20, 2009 at 9:56 PM  

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